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Surveying is the technique of measuring between points on the Earth's surface. It is one of civilization's oldest professions. Although the concept of surveying has not changed much over the years, the technology has evolved dramatically. Our extensive surveying and mapping capabilities and state-of-the-art resources allow us to provide our clients with high quality surveying services.

The following is a partial list of the surveying services that our firm provides:

Boundary Surveys and Legal Descriptions
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
Title Document Analysis
Route Surveys
Right-of-Way Surveys
Topographic and Tree Surveys
Wetland Jurisdictional Surveys
Hydrographic Surveys
Construction Surveying
Land Subdivisions and Platting
Condominium Surveying and Platting
As-Built Surveys / Record Surveys
Quantity (Earthwork) Surveys
Plot Plans
Tie-in Surveys
FEMA Elevation Certificates
Aerial Photogrammetry
Expert Witness Testimony
Eminent Domain Services

For more information about our surveying services, please contact us at 727-784-3965.Cleared construction site